Click the last picture to watch the puppies as they grow up.
Here are the boys at ten days of age. Note the pigmentation starting to come in on the nose. From left to right: Scotia lying on his back, Emerald and Royal snuggling with the toy.
The girls are keeping up with the boys in weight gain and their pigmentation is beginning to come in as well. You will have to look sharp to see Candy on the far left, Crimson is lying on top of Sky and Amethyst is on the far right.
And the girls... all stretched out and having a snooze. Left to right: Sky, Candy, Amethyst and Crimson.
Two weeks old and getting big ! Left to right are the boys: Royal, Emerald and Scotia
Here are Sky and Royal at three weeks
Crimson is singing. Amethyst is on her left and Candy and Royal are rolling on the floor laughing:-)
Scotia is cuddling under the blanket. He missed out on the group photos
A close-up of the boys Royal and Emerald